REVIEW: Bookgasm Looooooooooooves Wastelands

Bookgasm reviewer Ryun Patterson on Wastelands: "Few books have had the impact on me that WASTELANDS: STORIES OF THE APOCALYPSE did. … WASTELANDS is a great collection that gets my highest recommendation."

REVIEW: Roundup

Over at Religion Dispatches, Gabriel McKee has a thoughtful review of Wastelands. Here’s a snippet: “Editor John Joseph Adams has chosen stories that show so much variation, not just in setting but in tone. There are several elegiac tales here, to be sure, but there are just as many optimistic ones, and even one or two comedies. It’s far from a tedious series of stories about savage motorcycle gangs—there’s real diversity here, and you’re hard pressed to find two stories that are alike.

In other Wastelands news, there’s an interview with me up at Strange Horizons, in which I talk about the anthology, as well as other projects and other topics, including a bit about The Living Dead. There’s also a sneak-peek at the preliminary cover design–at least I hope it’s still preliminary…see if you can spot the typo. I’ve tweaked the cover to correct the error.