Appendix: For Further Reading

What follows is a selected bibliography of post-apocalyptic fiction. The list is not all-inclusive, but is intended merely as a primer for readers looking to better familiarize themselves with the sub-genre.

Like the stories collected in this volume, I’ve focused this bibliography on books in which the post-apocalyptic elements are vital to the story. There are many books, however, that while not “core” post-apocalyptic titles will be of interest to fans of the sub-genre nonetheless. These books — which employ the themes or settings of post-apocalyptic SF but are primarily noteworthy for other reasons — are listed separately to denote their associational relevance to the sub-genre.

To assist you in finding these books, I’ve assembled a series of Listmania lists on listing all of the titles in this bibliography. You’ll find them by following the links below.

For Further Reading, Vol. 1

For Further Reading, Vol. 2

For Further Reading, Vol. 3

For Further Reading, Vol. 4 (associational)