AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Scott Sigler, Author of “Those Gaddam Cookies”

What were your thoughts when you first encountered the concept behind this anthology?

So much of what I write is WTF to begin with, so I thought this would be like shooting fish in a barrel. It was very nice that you guys created an anthology just to showcase all the things that are wrong with my mind.  Thanks, guys!

With the theme in question, you could have taken your story in any number of different directions.  How did you come up with your particular idea?
I wanted to create something that combined positive feelings, a sensory trigger that is common for so many people, and warp that into something so awful that it might forever taint that memory. If someday a reader of this story smells cookies, and then has that brief flash of what I wrote, that would be a truly WTF moment and I will have won the bonus round, where the prizes really add up.

What challenges if any did it pose having to incorporate a particular phrase into the flow of your story and making it seem perfectly natural?

Honestly, that wasn’t a challenge at all. It’s such a common phrase in our modern lexicon that it’s applied to everything from the daily mundane to the truly brain-shattering.

What kind of research did you have to do for your story?

I ate a shit-ton of cookies and declared them “calorie free” because research.

What else are you working on right now?  Anything coming out that you’d like to talk about?
I’m working on Alone, Book III of the Generations Trilogy. It’s the final book after Alive and Alright. And, yeah, the Generations Trilogy is some serious grade-A WTFedness. Some of the reveals and plot twists in this series really smack people about the face and shoulders. If you want a book that takes the standard tropes of sf/fantasy and rips them to delicious shreds, pick up Alive.