What were your thoughts when you first encountered the concept behind this anthology?

Does this mean I am allowed to say swears?  I think it means I am allowed to say swears.  I am going to say all the swears.

With the theme in question, you could have taken your story in any number of different directions.  How did you come up with your particular idea?

I really wanted to do something using the Twitter format as a structural conceit.  From there, the story fell into place very quickly.

What challenges if any did it pose having to incorporate a particular phrase into the flow of your story and making it seem perfectly natural? 

None!  Mostly because I built the whole story around getting to that point.  It was a fun challenge.  Like Sudoku with swears.

What kind of research did you have to do for your story?

I ran every piece of the story through Twitter to make sure it didn’t go over the character limit.

What else are you working on right now?  Anything coming out that you’d like to talk about?

Oh, gosh, I am always working on so many things.  It can get a little daunting sometimes.  Right now, I’m finishing up the eleventh October Daye book—number ten, Once Broken Faith, comes out in September—and getting ready to work on another Eleanor West’s School for Wayward Children novella.