NEWS: DEAD MAN’S HAND Featured on The Huffington Post!

The Huffington Post just ran a little feature that the contributors to DMH and I put together for them, a list of some of our favorite weird westerns. The list of things we discuss follows. Clickthrough to the article to read our commentaries.

  • FICTION: Territory by Emma Bull (Tor Books) –Elizabeth Bear
  • FILM: Back to the Future Part III, directed by Robert Zemeckis (Universal) –Ken Liu
  • COMICS: Jonah Hex, created by John Albano & Tony DeZuniga (DC Comics) –Tad Williams
  • FICTION: The Dark Tower by Stephen King (Penguin Books/Plume) –Tobias S. Buckell
  • TV: The Wild Wild West, created by Michael Garrison (CBS Productions) –Walter Jon Williams
  • FICTION: The Work of Joe R. Lansdale (various publishers) –Rajan Khanna
  • VIDEO GAME: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (Rockstar Games) –Kelley Armstrong
  • FICTION: Six-Gun Snow White by Catherynne M. Valente (Subterranean Press) –Seanan McGuire
  • FILM: The Burrowers, directed by J.T. Petty (Blue Star Pictures) –Laura Anne Gilman
  • FICTION: The Work of Robert E. Howard (various publishers) –Joe R. Lansdale
  • COMICS: Secret of San Saba, by Jack “Jaxon” Jackson (Kitchen Sink Press) –Fred Van Lente