Zombie Singles

Life doesn’t have to be lonely after the zombie apocalypse. And just because your heart has stopped beating doesn’t mean you can’t still find true love. But when civilization is in a shambles, where do you go to meet that special zomeone? The answer is Zombie Harmony.

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Zombie Violins

If you heard me speak aloud the title of this post, you might think I’d said “Zombie Violence,” which are two words that definitely go together. But “Zombie Violins”?You might not think that zombies and violins are a match made in, er, hell, but there are a couple of musical acts who would disagree with you.

Judgement Day, whose official band website is at stringmetal.com, play just exactly that—String Metal. No guitars, no vocals, just classical string instruments and drums. Pretty awesome too, I might add, but don’t take my word for it, go check out their video for “Out of the Abyss,” which features—you guessed it—zombies. You’ll go for the zombies, but you’ll stay for the string metal.

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Original Zombie Drawing by Gahan Wilson!

KGB Fantastic Fiction is a monthly reading series held on the third Wednesday of every month at the famous KGB Bar in Manhattan. Earlier this year, they held a raffle to raise money to support the series, offering a number of exciting and fabulous prizes. When I saw the list of items, I knew immediately the one I wanted: an original drawing by legendary writer, artist and cartoonist Gahan Wilson.

The prize was described as “Pen & Ink drawing of an animal-of-your-choice by Gahan Wilson", and if I recall correctly, also said the animal may be “real or imaginary.” Well, once I won, I knew right away what I wanted: a zombie.

And here it is:


(Posted with permission. Image © Gahan Wilson.)

Zombie Pinups

Do you have to open graves to find girls to fall in love with? Apparently not, because they’re up and out of the grave and already walking around. The girls at Zombie Pinups just might make you rethink that whole "zombies aren’t sexy" hypothesis. Eh, well, maybe not.




Still Death With Zombie

If you’ve ever really wondered what you’d look like as a zombie, but didn’t want to go through the whole death and rising from the grave business, good news: Artist Rob Sacchetto offers zombie photo-makeovers, transforming your favorite headshot into your favorite deadshot.

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An Irrational Fear of Zombies?

Reader Rob Friesel writes to tell me about his proposed addition to the zombie lexicon:

ambulothanatophobia: The irrational fear of the walking dead.

For you non-Latin speakers out there, ambulo=walking and thanato=death, and of course phobia means fear, so it translates exactly as “fear of the walking dead.”

What do you think? I like it, but I expect being such a mouthful will hurt it in the face of such easy—but less scientific—alternatives such as zombophobia.

Turn Yourself Into a Zombie, For Just £4,075 Canadian

If you’re reading this,  you probably love zombies. Well, you may think you love zombies, but you don’t love zombies nearly as much as this guy:

Rick is turning himself into a zombie. So far, more than 24 hours of tattoos – costing over £4,075 Canadian – have got him halfway there and made him a minor celebrity on the internet, where people can’t decide if he’s a body modification visionary or mentally ill sicko.

That’s from the lead-in to an interview in Bizarre Magazine. Besides words right out of the zombie’s mouth, they’ve also got a photo gallery showing off the “Zombie Boy’s” extensive tattoo-work.

Lawn Zombies

For those of you out there with green thumbs (because you’re avid gardeners, not because they’re rotting off), here’s a little something to spruce up your garden; that is, if you’ve planted all your plants and thought to yourself “What this really needs is something dead to liven things up.”

Yes, that’s on my actual lawn.

Zombie Quizzes

Would you survive the zombie apocalypse? Click here or here to find out. Assuming you do, what will your role be in the aftermath? This quiz will reveal all.

Not ready for such high stakes? Try gauging your zombie awareness.



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