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NEWS: Presents the Top 5 SF/F Short Stories of All-Time, Selected by BASFF 2015 Editors

“For the first time ever, the renowned Best American series of anthologies has published a collection of the country’s best science fiction and fantasy stories. Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy is a terrific book, filled with 20 stories that filter very basic questions about humanity — how do men and women relate to each other? how are we being changed by our technology? what is the relationship between oppressor and oppressed? — through the filters of other genres and even other worlds.” —, on BASFF 2015

Clickthrough to see the list of our top ten stories, including discussion about each selection. [article]

REVIEW: “THE BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY contains stories that are a delight to read.” —Locus, on BASFF 2015

The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy contains stories that are a delight to read.” —Locus, on BASFF 2015 [review appears in the October 2015 issue]

REVIEW: “An exemplary list of the year’s best short fiction.” —SF Signal, on BASFF 2015

“An exemplary list of the year’s best short fiction […] The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015 ultimately brings together an impressive collection of authors exploring a wide range of characters, ideas, and worlds. If you’re a fan of John Joseph Adams and his tendency to lean towards unique, character driven stories, then you’ll certainly enjoy The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015.” —SF Signal, on BASFF 2015

REVIEW: on BASFF 2015: “A powerful collection that is worth your time, attention, and love.”

“Adams and Hill have run through the collective summer forest of our community, coaxed twenty bright, beautiful, and ethereal fireflies into a jar, and given them to the world to enjoy in this collection. […] A powerful collection that is worth your time, attention, and love.” — on BASFF 2015 [review]

REVIEW: “A great, fun, romping collection of stories.” —San Francisco Book Review, on BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY 2015

“A great, fun, romping collection of stories.” —San Francisco Book Review [review]

REVIEW: “Highly recommended” — Bookgasm, on BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY 2015

“Let’s…celebrate the better-late-than-never addition of science fiction and fantasy to these annual publications, and show our appreciation by adding this new and highly recommended story gathering to our bookshelves” —Bookgasm [review]

NEWS: New Anthology of “The Monstrous and the Macabre,” WHAT THE #@&% IS THAT? Announced (Saga, August 2016)

Over on io9, we just announced one of my 2016 anthologies: What the #@&% Is That: The Saga Anthology of the Monstrous and Macabre (which I co-edited with Douglas Cohen). It will be published August 2016 by Simon & Schuster’s Saga Press imprint.

COVER (art by Mike Mignola)



  • Introduction by Douglas Cohen
  • Mobility by Laird Barron
  • Fossil Heart by Amanda Downum
  • Those Gaddam Cookies by Scott Sigler
  • The Sound of Her Laughter by Simon R. Green
  • Down in the Deep and the Dark by Desirina Boskovich
  • Only Unclench Your Hand by Isabel Yap
  • Little Widow by Maria Dahvana Headley
  • The Bad Hour by Christopher Golden
  • What is Lost, What is Given Away by John Langan
  • Now and Forever by D. Thomas Minton
  • #connollyhouse #weshouldntbehere by Seanan McGuire
  • The House That Love Built by Grady Hendrix
  • We All Make Sacrifices by Jonathan Maberry
  • Ghost Pressure by Gemma Files
  • The Daughter out of Darkness by Nancy Holder
  • Framing Mortensen by Adam-Troy Castro
  • The Catch by Terence Taylor
  • Hunters in the Wood by Tim Pratt
  • Whose Drowned Face Sleeps by An Owomoyela & Rachel Swirsky
  • Castleweep by Alan Dean Foster


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NEWS: LOOSED UPON THE WORLD is Now Available Wherever Fine Books Are Sold!

Loosed Upon the World is now available!


This is the definitive collection of climate fiction from John Joseph Adams, the acclaimed editor of the Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy series and Wastelands. These provacative stories explore our present and speculate about all of our tomorrows through terrifying struggle and hope.

Join the bestselling authors Margaret Atwood, Paolo Bacigalupi, Nancy Kress, Kim Stanley Robinson, Jim Shepard, and twenty others as they presciently explore the greatest threat to our future.

This is a collection that will challenge readers to look at the world they live in as if for the first time.


Loosed Upon the World


  • FOREWORD—Paolo Bacigalupi
  • INTRODUCTION—John Joseph Adams
  • Shooting the Apocalypse—Paolo Bacigalupi
  • The Myth of Rain—Seanan McGuire
  • Outer Rims—Toiya Kristen Finley
  • Kheldyu—Karl Schroeder
  • The Snows of Yesteryear—Jean-Louis Trudel
  • A Hundred Hundred Daisies—Nancy Kress
  • The Rainy Season—Tobias S. Buckell
  • The Netherlands Lives With Water—Jim Shepard
  • The Precedent—Sean McMullen
  • Hot Sky—Robert Silverberg
  • That Creeping Sensation—Alan Dean Foster
  • Truth or Consequences—Kim Stanley Robinson
  • Entanglement—Vandana Singh
  • Staying Afloat—Angela Penrose
  • Eighth Wonder—Chris Bachelder
  • Eagle—Gregory Benford
  • Outliers—Nicole Feldringer
  • Quiet Town—Jason Gurley
  • The Day It All Ended—Charlie Jane Anders
  • The Smog Society—Chen Qiufan (translated by Ken Liu & Carmen Yiling Yan)
  • Racing the Tide—Craig DeLancey
  • Mutant Stag at Horn Creek—Sarah Castle
  • Hot Rods—Cat Sparks
  • The Tamarisk Hunter—Paolo Bacigalupi
  • Mitigation—Tobias Buckell & Karl Schroeder
  • Time Capsule Found on the Dead Planet—Margaret Atwood
  • AFTERWORD: Science Scarier Than Fiction—Ramez Naam


If you’d like to learn more about the book, or read stories from the anthology for free online, visit the website for Loosed Upon the World at

REVIEW: PW on BASFF — “The quality of work is very high”

The first major trade review is in on Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015, and it’s from Publishers Weekly. They say “The quality of work is very high” and call out Nathan Ballingrud’s, Karen Russell’s, and Neil Gaiman’s stories as standouts in the book. [review]

NEWS: THE END IS NIGH Part of the Latest StoryBundle “Disasters” Bundle!

THE END IS NIGH is part of the new StoryBundle ebook bundle. It’s a pay-what-you-want bundle, and it’s available through Sept. 17. See the pitch about it below, from bundle curator Kevin J. Anderson:

StoryBundle - Disaster Bundle


Every time you turn on the news, you see a different possibility for how the world might end—and imminently! Climate change, Ebola, asteroid impact, nuclear war … zombie apocalypse. How will you prepare? How will you save your family? How will you help save the world for your children and future generations?

Obviously, the best preparation is to read up on every possible disaster scenario. And a great way to start is with the Disasters Storybundle, which just launched at

I have just curated a new bundle of 11 epic disaster novels that cover the gamut of What Can Go Wrong. Think of it as 50 Shades of Doom. But these aren’t just tales of disaster…but tales of heroism, persistence, ingenuity, and survival. These are truly the best things to read while you’re huddled underground in your bomb shelter (or just in your living room, in the meantime).

The New York Times bestseller FIRE by Alan Rodgers has it all, the brink of nuclear war, religious fanatics taking over the country, a mysterious virus that raises the dead… ATLANTIS by Bob Mayer takes you to the Bermuda Triangle and the fate that destroyed Atlantis may be moving on the rest of the world.

In STORM WORLD by New York Times bestseller Brian Herbert and Bruce Tayler, a group of survivors after a global climate catastrophe fight to defend the last seed bank, which holds hope for the future. David Sakmyster’s FINAL SOLSTICE has a different explanation for disastrous climate change—Druids! Bill Ransom’s VIRAVAX and Laura Anne Gilman’s DRAGON VIRUS both tell of species-altering genetic plagues…but in dramatically different fashion.

Brian Herbert and Jan Herbert turn to the seas, where the lifeforms of the ocean finally rebel and turn against the land dwellers after centuries of destruction and pollution. My novel ILL WIND with Doug Beason is about a gigantic oil spill in the San Francisco Bay…and efforts to mitigate it release an oil-eating virus that brings about the fall of civilization. Hugh Howey and John Joseph Adams have covered it ALL in their anthology THE END IS NIGH, with stories about every kind of end-of-the-world imaginable. THE HIGH EDGE by Dean Wesley Smith, a novel in his popular Seeders universe, describes a huge population die-off, and the survivors who must reach for the stars. And SEEDS by Chris Mandeville takes place half a century after a catastrophic solar event destroys life and technology on Earth’s surface, and it is now time for the underground survivors to emerge.

Trust me, this batch of books will stiffen your backbone and give you hope (or at the very least prove to you that your Bad Day could have been a lot worse!)

At, you pay whatever you feel the books are worth and you’ll get the six basic books. If you pay above $15 you get the original six books, plus five more. That’s only a little more than a dollar per book! The bulk of the earnings goes *directly* to the authors, with a portion also going to charity—the Challenger Centers for Space Science Education, in this case.

Available in all eBook formats. But this bundle is available for only a limited time—don’t miss the disaster!

If that sounds good, head over to and pay-what-you-want for the bundle and get lots of great disaster fiction for an affordable price.