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NEWS: PRESS START TO PLAY Bookmarks—Coming Soon to a Convention Near You!

Vintage made these sweet PRESS START TO PLAY bookmarks for distro at conventions and bookstores and the like.


News: Canceled MN Events: 4th St. Fantasy and CONvergence

Sorry to say that I won’t be attending either 4th St. Fantasy or CONvergence this year, as originally planned. We had a series of mishaps that made our Minnesota trip impossible, alas. Sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping to see us there!

REVIEW: GeekDad on PRESS START TO PLAY: “You’ll find many stories here that will capture your imagination.”

GeekDad reviews Press Start to Play: “I’m hooked on John Joseph Adams’ short story anthologies. […] It’s a fantastic group of authors […] and the stories are as various and diverse as videogames themselves. […] If you like videogames and science fiction, you’ll find many stories here that will capture your imagination.” [review]

REVIEW: LOOSED UPON THE WORLD is “Impressive” Says Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly calls Loosed Upon the World, a “big, impressive anthology” describing the anthology as “a grim array of futures” and sums up with “These works combine effective storytelling and a passionate desire to promote taking action on climate change before it’s too late. [review]


Kirkus Reviews has reviewed* PRESS START TO PLAY, summing up: “sci-fi fans will find it well worth their while.” [review]


* I think that’s my first review in Kirkus!

REVIEW: PRESS START TO PLAY Gets a Starred Review from Publishers Weekly!

Publishers Weekly gives Press Start to Play a coveted starred review (!), calling it “a provocative assortment of thoughtful stories.” [review]

NEWS: I’m at Nebula Awards Weekend in Chicago

I’m in Chicago for Nebula Awards Weekend. Here’s the panels and such I’ll be participating on, including one off-site at Geek Bar Chicago that doesn’t require being a member of Nebula Awards Weekend.

Thursday 3:00-4:00
Making the Title Fit the Story
Titles need to fit the story, but they also need to be catchy and unique. The panelists will talk about how they find titles and what you should know about creating them.
Panelists: John Joseph Adams, Usman Malik, Stanley Schmidt, Rachel Swirsky
Salon 9

Friday 8:00-9:30
Mass Autographing [see attendees]
Exhibit Hall, (Fourth Floor)

Saturday 2:00-5:00 (I’ll have to leave around 3:30)
Tor Drinkup @ Geek Bar Chicago [info]
Come hang out with me and other Tor Books authors and editors at Geek Bar Chicago. See link above or flyer below for more information.

Saturday 4:00-5:00
Editing Diversity
Editors talk about the importance of a balanced table of contents, both in terms of content creators and the protagonists of the story.
Panelists: John Joseph Adams, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Joe Monti (M), Michael Thomas, Sheila Williams
Salon 8

Tor Author Drinkup @ Geek Bar Chicago

NEWS: THE END HAS COME Now Available as an Audiobook!

The End Has Come is now available as an audiobook!

It is unabridged and produced by Skyboat Media, the production company of acclaimed producer and narrator Stefan Rudnicki. It features the vocal talents of narrators: features the vocal talents of narrators Vikas Adam, Gabrielle de Cuir, Justine Eyre, Roxanne Hernandez, Alex Hyde-White, Emily Rankin, Stefan Rudnicki, and Judy Young.

Run Time: About 15 hours
Price: $24.95 (without Audible membership) or $14.95 (with Audible Membership)

The narrator-story pairings breakdown as follows:

  • INTRODUCTION—John Joseph Adams—Stefan Rudnicki
  • BANNERLESS—Carrie Vaughn—Justine Eyre
  • LIKE ALL BEAUTIFUL PLACES—Megan Arkenberg—Roxanne Hernandez
  • DANCING WITH A STRANGER IN THE LAND OF NOD—Will McIntosh—Gabrielle de Cuir
  • THE SEVENTH DAY OF DEER CAMP—Scott Sigler—Alex Hyde-White
  • PROTOTYPE—Sarah Langan—Stefan Rudnicki
  • ACTS OF CREATION—Chris Avellone—Emily Rankin
  • RESISTANCE—Seanan McGuire—Gabrielle de Cuir
  • WANDERING STAR—Leife Shallcross—Gabrielle de Cuir
  • HEAVEN COME DOWN—Ben H. Winters—Judy Young
  • AGENT NEUTRALIZED—David Wellington—Alex Hyde-White
  • GOODNIGHT EARTH—Annie Bellet—Emily Rankin
  • CARRIERS—Tananarive Due—Roxanne Hernandez
  • MARGIN OF SURVIVAL—Elizabeth Bear—Justine Eyre
  • JINGO AND THE HAMMERMAN—Jonathan Maberry—Stefan Rudnicki
  • THE LAST MOVIE EVER MADE—Charlie Jane Anders—Stefan Rudnicki
  • THE GRAY SUNRISE—Jake Kerr—Stefan Rudnicki
  • THE HAPPIEST PLACE . . .—Mira Grant—Judy Young
  • IN THE WOODS—Hugh Howey—Justine Eyre
  • BLESSINGS—Nancy Kress—Vikas Adam & Stefan Rudnicki


REVIEW: on WASTELANDS 2 – “Highly recommended”

“Editor John Joseph Adams has done an exceptional job of finding even more cream of the crop from this specific sub genre of fiction.  […] This equal level of quality across the board is certainly this compilations greatest strength and what truly makes it worth the read.  Whether seeing the outbreak of a deadly virus through the eyes of a trapped child, watching humankind literally transform to survive a series of apocalypses, or following a man open up a business among the world’s rubble, each story provides a fresh perspective among the book’s five hundred plus pages. No matter what your favorite flavor of end of the world yarn may be, this tome comes highly recommended.” —, on Wastelands 2 [review]

REVIEW: Seattle Geekly on THE END HAS COME – “The idea behind [it] was a brilliant one.”

“I used to be averse to short story collections but The End is Nigh edited by John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey changed that last year with the beginning of The Apocalypse Triptych.  […] The idea behind The Apocalypse Triptych was a brilliant one. The editors did such a great job or curating the short stories.” —Seattle Geekly, on The End Has Come (and The Apocalypse Triptych as a whole) [review]