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Rust and Redemption: Bitter Seeds

PCs in this post-apocalyptic scenario must find and retrieve viable grain from a before-times seed bank. Doing so requires that they overcome raiders, radiation, and other threats of the wasteland, including a mysterious warlord that has no face.

Bitter Seeds is a Cypher System adventure suitable for four to six tier 1 PCs. Available as part of the Rust and Redemption setting/supplement book.

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Tales from the Wastes

Enter devastated lands torn asunder by ghastly creatures and chaos magic. These wastes hide ancient treasures, potent magic, and abandoned cities waiting to be discovered—or refusing to stay buried. Tales from the Wastes brings you fast-paced 5th Edition adventures set in twisted locations packed with memorable NPCs. Inside this tome, find: 15 new single-session adventures, suitable for levels 1-18, playable separately or in sequence; new environmental hazards to face, mysteries to unravel, and encounters with terrifying villains; 15 full-page, full-color maps and dozens of illustrations; new monsters, NPCs, magic items, and easy prep for your next game! Enter the wastes and embrace full metal mayhem!

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Planebreaker: Planar Character Options

Planar natives, multiverse explorers, and those touched by mysterious forces leaking through from the planes: these characters are shaped by backgrounds and experiences unlike those found in more conventional environs. From the Way of the Amethyst Fist monk, who channels power through a psionically resonant prosthetic, to a traveller character with a mysterious cosmic map imprinted on their skin, to a character with the Limbo Touched feat, who can change objects at will—characters with ties to the planes are just a bit different.

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Kobold Guide to Dungeons

You can’t control what players are going to do. That’s half the fun. But you can control where they do it. That’s a whole other half! The Kobold Guide to Dungeons gives both new and experienced Game Masters over 100 pages of insight and ideas into making dungeons great. In-depth essays from industry luminaries teach you to think outside your own boxes, and into a larger realm of challenge, discovery, and good old monster bashing. Practical essays gives you insider tips and tricks to: Design non-linear dungeons to explore; think in 3D to make amazing spaces; make every room count, even when there’s no monster; create solutions in addition to combat; dole out treasure—without blowing the bank; and more! The Kobold Guide to Dungeons features essays from: Keith Ammann, Keith Baker, Wolfgang Baur, Bryan Camp, Christopher M. Cevasco, Dominique Dickey, Kelsey Dionne, Basheer Ghouse, Rajan Khanna, Sadie Lowry, Frank Mentzer, Bruce Nesmith, Erin Roberts, Lawrence Schick, James L. Sutter, and Barbara J. Webb. Open this book and level up your half of the game!

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Way of Control

The first monks to adhere to the Way of Control were followers of the great tactician Master Ereshti. The master founded this tradition in the wake of a devastating defeat; afterward, she entered into a long period of contemplation in which she analyzed her failure over and over again. Eventually, she realized the reason why she’d failed: Control—or the lack thereof. For is it not true that a warrior who controls a creature controls its life? That a warrior who controls the battlefield controls the outcome? And that a warrior who controls their body and mind controls their own future and fate? Thus Master Ereshti developed the technique of using an opponent’s strength against them—a method combining leverage, agility, and submission holds to knock enemies to the ground… and keeping them there until they’re broken.

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Path of the Whirlwind

The first barbarians who walked the Path of the Whirlwind had been under the thrall of a sadistic tyrant who over time had turned his people from kinsmen to slaves. When the inevitable revolution came, the rebels took up what few weapons they could find. Large sticks that could be used as clubs were plentiful, as were axes for chopping wood and short blades used for skinning game; thus, the people armed themselves with a weapon in each hand and went to face down their oppressor. But as they marched toward the tyrant’s hut, the skies darkened and a whirlwind formed—as if summoned by the collective rage of the downtrodden—and touched down directly on top of the villain’s abode, hauling him up into the heavens in the funnel cloud. And thus he had become subject not only to the wrath of those he had wronged, but also of the gods themselves.

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Tome of Beasts 3 Lairs

Created for the 5th Edition of the world’s first roleplaying game, these 23 standalone, single-map adventures each feature new monsters from Kobold Press’s Tome of Beasts 3. Weave these adventures into your ongoing campaign, or use them as thrilling one-shot sessions. With adventures suitable for heroes of level 1–12, you will find enough dangers—and delights—for every game night!

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Tome of Heroes

Tome of Heroes for 5th Edition delivers character options galore—heroic choices that have been judged and found worthy! New styles of magic and new weapon options, all-new monk paths, the riverfolk halflings and expanded catfolk, the soulspy rogue, a Path of the Dragon for barbarians, cleric domains—and much more. Discover a beautiful, well-organized tome of 5E DnD character races, backgrounds, and classes to expand your game in new directions! This project yields a wealth of brand-new, carefully developed and playtested material—all of it immediately usable in your next game.

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Tales from the Shadows

In the Shadow Realm, sites of mysterious enchantment abound, watched over by denizens both strange and wondrous. From woods dark and eerie to courts of noble fey, all paths lead to haunts, ruins, machinations, and subterfuge. Inside this 192-page tome, find:

  • 14 adventures, suitable for levels 1–8, playable separately or in sequence
  • A variety of plots and encounters, from confronting dangerous and cunning creatures, to solving enigmas, to thwarting malevolent intrigues
  • A background plot thread surrounding a fabled item—the Shadow Grimoire—and its mysteries
  • 28 full-color maps and dozens of illustrations

Gather your courage and turn a wary eye toward the gloaming!

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Ptolus: Return of the Ebon Hand

Of all the chaos cults, the Ebon Hand is one of the most insidious, because it proves the most resilient. Enemies of the cult of the Ebon Hand liken them to cockroaches, with the cultists scattered when found, always to return later. Now, despite setbacks, the Ebon Hand has founded a new temple and once again is doing its horrible work…

Return of the Ebon Hand is an adventure set in Ptolus, the city by the Spire. It’s suitable for 5e characters of roughly 6th level, or Cypher System characters of roughly third tier, and can be easily adjusted upward or downward in difficulty.

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