Publisher: Monte Cook Games

Publication Date: February 28, 2023

Game System: D&D 5e

Planebreaker: Planar Character Options

Planar natives, multiverse explorers, and those touched by mysterious forces leaking through from the planes: these characters are shaped by backgrounds and experiences unlike those found in more conventional environs. From the Way of the Amethyst Fist monk, who channels power through a psionically resonant prosthetic, to a traveller character with a mysterious cosmic map imprinted on their skin, to a character with the Limbo Touched feat, who can change objects at will—characters with ties to the planes are just a bit different.

This book is brimming with new material and new choices to create and advance 5E characters shaped by contact from beyond, including:

  • Six new character species. Play a lava elf, born from dimensional warfare, or a machinelike surk—who wasn’t born at all!
  • 16 new subclasses, such as the Unearthly Gleaner sorcerer, the Gun Jack rogue, and the Oath of the Angelic Perfection paladin.
  • The cosmic rambler, crossplane refugee, and reformed fiend backgrounds.
  • 14 new feats, nearly 50 new spells, and dozens of new magic items from, or related to, the planes

This is an inspiring companion to Path of the Planebreaker, but you don’t need that book to enjoy everything this tome offers. This book duplicates some material from Path of the Planebreaker (so players can find all character-related content in a single place), but most of this book’s content is new and not duplicated from that title.