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I’m starting to get really sick of these new magazines that pop up online and don’t bother to say anywhere who the people are behind them. Doesn’t that bother you all as *writers*? I mean, when a new magazine pops up, wouldn’t you like you know who’s involved with it before you submit something?

I mean, come on–haven’t they ever heard of a *masthead*? Also, for those that do actually deign to tell us who’s editing the thing, it doesn’t hurt to, you know, actually tell us who you are besides your name. I’m just sayin’.


  • JeremyT

    8:38 am Mar-7-2007

    I haven’t noticed this. Examples?

  • Mer Haskell

    9:40 am Mar-7-2007

    Yep, that bothers me. If I can’t figure out who the show runners are, I don’t generally submit (anymore, now that I’m older and wiser). If I have determined who they are through other means, I tend not to mind, since I don’t have enough energy and attention span to keep up with absolutist policies…

    Know what else bugs me? Coyly not admitting that you’re a non-paying market. So you keep searching for a payrate or any mention of pay at all until it all becomes clear… lame.

  • --E

    11:46 am Mar-7-2007

    As you might imagine, I am naturally skeptical of all webpublishing ventures. It’s easy for anyone to play “publisher” on the web, and I’m not interested in subbing stories to people who don’t know how to run a professional ‘zine.

    Lack of masthead, lack of clear submission GLs and pay rates, lack of schedules…these are all signs of amateurism. It doesn’t mean that amateurs can’t learn, or can’t become professional someday, but it’s not my job to train them.

  • Rob Darnell

    12:04 pm Mar-7-2007

    I agree. When I come across a magazine that doesn’t have a masthead, I can’t help wondering if the editors have any experience in what they’re doing. There are some magazines where the editors don’t seem to do anything except copy and paste your story without caring about the quality. I don’t want my work in a magazine where the editors don’t know what they’re doing, I want to know that the editors have experience before I submit.

  • John Joseph Adams

    10:38 am Mar-8-2007

    JT — I don’t want to call anyone out, which is why I didn’t mention any names in my post, but I’ll email you.

  • JeremyT

    11:33 am Mar-8-2007

    Okay, sounds good.

  • Steve Buchheit

    12:56 pm Mar-8-2007

    Yeah, if it’s not easy to find submission guidelines, rates, etc, there are better places to submit. I guess if the writer’s sole goal is to be published, sure, submit wherever. My goal is to build a readership, so I’m more interested in seeing professionals running the market. They tend to think about things like seeing their market grow and making inroads into the community.