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A Challenge to Con-Loving, Web-Savvy Fans

You know what some web-savvy fan should do? Gather up data on all of the science fiction conventions held every year (here’s a good place to start) and set up a database so that users can enter their zip code to discover which cons are closest to them. It would also be nice if you could search by date, so if you’re hankering for a con mid-April, you could, at a glance, see what’s happening.


  • Matt Kressel

    8:01 am Mar-21-2008

    That’s a bang up idea. You could even have a world map with cons highlighted. Of course, I’m too busy to maintain such a thing…

  • Nathan E. Lilly

    10:33 pm Mar-21-2008

    Here you go:

    Granted, being all of an hour old, it’s still pretty useless until people begin submitting their cons.

    FYI: Just so you know who this is: I was the guy identified as “The Guy Who Doesn’t Talk” by the Mormon girl in NY.

  • Matt Kressel

    7:46 am Mar-22-2008

    Hey, that’s great! I’m going to blog about it. Is there any way you can increase the search range, maybe an optional field? A date range would be cool too. Also, perhaps a global map like this:

    So we can get a visual sense of all the cons?

    This is great, though, thanks!

  • Senses Five Press

    7:49 am Mar-22-2008

    […] over at John J. Adams’ blog, John said: You know what some web-savvy fan should do? Gather up data on all of the science […]

  • Nathan E. Lilly

    8:40 am Mar-22-2008

    I’m getting reports that the service is down (actually, all my sites are down). Apparently my host moved a server cluster which has yet to be completely fixed. I’m sure it will be soon.

  • Nathan E. Lilly

    9:46 am Mar-23-2008

    It’s been up all day yesterday. So it’s looks like it’s good to go. I’m going to begin promoting it to fan groups.

    BTW: I added a credit to JJ in the foot of the page (along with some other minor changes).

  • Jacob P. Silvia

    12:05 pm Mar-23-2008

    Here’s some helpful links (I think): and

    This would effectively free you from having to host the database or set up user authentication.

    I wish I had time to work on this!