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The Book of Cthulhu

I’m editing another anthology of reprint fiction for Night Shade Books, this time focused on Cthulhu/Mythos fiction. It will be called The Book of Cthulhu and will be released sometime next fall. As I’ve done with most of my other anthologies, I’d like to solicit recommendations, so if you have any outstanding examples of Cthulhu fiction you’d to point out to me, please feel free to let me know about them by entering them into my Cthulhu/Mythos Fiction Database.

This project has been canceled. See this post for details.


  • Matthew Carpenter

    10:59 pm Nov-28-2010

    This database has already directed me to some books I would not have known to chase down, such as Strange Tales III from Tartarus Press and Mr. Gaunt by Langan. I can’t wait to see what crops up in the next few weeks.

  • jason luery

    12:39 am Dec-16-2010

    Wow. All of your anthologies are filet mignon man!
    I read about your Cthulhu anthology and want to suggest T.E.D. Klein’s ‘Black Man with a Horn’ and Michael Shea’s ‘The Autopsy.’ Both have those locale details that make a classic Lovecraft story classic – nothing beats the narrator’s realization that they’ve moved to ground zero for the apocalypse.
    That’s what Lovecraft is about for me, at least.
    Keep up the great selections.
    And thanks.

  • Matthew Carpenter

    1:06 pm Mar-22-2011

    Cancelled? This is very bad news. Why was it cancelled?