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Wastelands Ad in Locus

The new Locus showed up today, and inside I discovered not a review of Wastelands, as I’d been hoping for, but a nice full-page ad for the anthology on page 16, right in the middle of Gary K. Wolfe’s glowing review of Paolo Bacigalupi’s collection, Pump Six and Other Stories. That’s a great spot for attracting the right sort of reader for Wastelands, as most of Paolo’s stories are rather apocalyptic (when choosing the stories for Wastelands, I had several of his to pick from).

Actually, I say full-page ad, but while the ad itself is a full-page, Wastelands shares the ad space with three of Night Shade’s other titles: Snake Agent, The Demon and the City, and Precious Dragon by Liz Williams–the first three installments in her Detective Inspector Chen series, which are all now coming out in mass market paperback, with the fourth volume, The Shadow Pavilion, due out in hardcover in May.

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NPR…at last!

The NPR piece I’m quoted in is available now (after a delay of a day), though it’s only about a minute of me (if that), and you can actually read the prose version of the piece on the NPR website.

Overall, I’m kind of disappointed. I mean, I wasn’t promised a large segment or anything, but I guess I just thought that our conversation went to more interesting places than what was quoted. I expect any of you who were looking forward to listening to it will be disappointed too.

And Christ, what an awful, awful voice I have.

But hopefully it’ll be good exposure for the book. I already got an email from someone who heard the show. It was someone I’d corresponded with a while back, not a stranger, but still.

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Looks like my segment got bumped again from All Things Considered. There’s a note on the page, though, promising it will air tomorrow:


Dec. 16 · A 1950s novella gets its fourth big-screen adaptation with I Am Legend. Neda Ulaby talks to the original story’s fans and the film’s creators to find out why the apocalypse just keeps on coming.

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Other NPR Coverage of I Am Legend

Apparently, today, there was a different radio piece by Neda Ulaby, talking with the screenwriter and director of I Am Legend. You can listen to that one here. That one doesn’t have anything from me in it; apparently the piece with me was supposed to air today, but was bumped til tomorrow. Also, you can listen to a review of the film, by critic Bob Mondello.

Oh, and here’s something you can read right now that quotes me (and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman), a prose piece by Neda called "A ‘Legend’ of a Tale, Remade Era After Era."

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Listen to Me on NPR’s All Things Considered

NPR reporter Neda Ulaby has a piece on I Am Legend that will air tomorrow on NPR’s All Things Considered. She interviewed me about the book, the previous adaptations, and the story’s relevance to post-apocalyptic fiction in general.

I’m not sure how much of my contributions will make it into her piece, but we talked for about 45 minutes, and I think I gave her some good quotes. (And she seemed quite happy with the results.)

If you’d like to listen to the piece, it’s supposed to air tomorrow. In the New York City area, it looks like it airs at 4 PM on WNYC 93.9 FM. For other areas, check out NPR’s broadcast schedule. Or, if you just want to listen to it online, the show should be available at 7 PM. Once it’s available, you should be able to find it here, or via the archives page. Theoretically, this should be the permalink (or at least will be once the show airs).

We pre-recorded my contributions to the piece last Wednesday at the Rutgers Livingston Campus TV studio (in a sound booth in the studio; they didn’t film me or anything). Since Neda’s in Washington, D.C., she called up on the phone and they piped her voice into the headphones they gave me to wear. So her sound was recorded on her end; my sound was recorded on mine, files are sent around, and production magic happens.

I’m curious to hear how it turned out.

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