Decades ago, Starship Troopers captivated readers with its vision of a future war in which power armored soldiers battled giant insects on hostile alien planets. Today, with the success of Iron Man, Halo, and Mechwarrior—and with real robotic exoskeletons just around the corner—the idea of super-powered combat armor and giant mecha has never been more exciting and relevant.

Now acclaimed editor John Joseph Adams brings you the first-ever original anthology of power armor fiction. Join leading SF authors Jack Campbell, Brandon Sanderson, Tanya Huff, Daniel H. Wilson, Alastair Reynolds, Carrie Vaughn, and others as they explore the limits of what a soldier of the future might become—with the aid of the right equipment.

Imagine power armored warriors battling at the bottom of the sea, or on nightmarish alien worlds, or in the darkest depths of space. Imagine armor that’s as smart as you are, armor that might keep on fighting even after you’re no longer willing … or able.

The possibilities are endless, but some facts remain constant: The soldier of the future will be fast. The soldier of the future will be deadly. The soldier of the future will be ARMORED.

Praise for Armored

Powered armor rocks our world…we’re excited [by this] book of power-armor stories.


A collection exemplifying the theme.

—Publishers Weekly

Armored stands as the definitive anthology of its kind.


Whatever your tastes, Armored is sure to provide quite a few great tales, and it’s always incredible to see the wide variety of styles and perspectives each author contributes to the whole. Some stories will have you wishing for a suit of your own, while others will have you vowing to never step foot inside anything that could run off on its own volition. Either way, you won’t come away from Armored without feeling the impact.


Armored is a collection of short stories dealing primarily with powered armor of one variety or another. […] I would heartily recommend this compilation to anyone interested in military science fiction and powered armor in particular.


Kept me entertained from the first page to the last.

—SF Crowsnest

If you enjoyed the Iron Man movies, the mech suits and marines in Aliens, and generally like sci-fi stories, then Armored is a book you’ll probably enjoy. […] A fun anthology.

—Roqoo Depot