2023 Table of Contents

Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2023 contains the following content.


  • Readings in the Slantwise Sciences by Sofia Samatar
    from Conjunctions
  • Beginnings by Kristina Ten
    from Fantasy
  • The Six Deaths of the Saint by Alix E. Harrow
    from Into Shadow
  • Men, Women, and Chainsaws by Stephen Graham Jones
    from Tor.com
  • There Are No Monsters on Rancho Buenavista by Isabel Canas
    from Nightmare
  • White Water, Blue Ocean by Linda Raquel Nieves Pérez
    from Reclaim the Stars
  • Three Mothers Mountain by Nathan Ballingrud
    from Screams from the Dark
  • Pellargonia: A Letter to the Journal of Imaginary Anthropology by Theodora Goss
    from Lost Worlds & Mythological Kingdoms
  • In The Beginning of Me I Was A Bird by Maria Dong
    from Lightspeed
  • Folk Hero Motifs in Tales Told by the Dead by KT Bryski
    from Strange Horizons


  • Air to Shape Lungs by Shingai Njeri Kagunda
    from Africa Risen
  • Sparrows by Susan Palwick
    from Asimov’s
  • Termination Stories for the Cyberpunk Dystopia Protagonist by Isabel J. Kim
    from Clarkesworld
  • Rabbit Test by Samantha Mills
    from Uncanny
  • Murder by Pixel by S.L. Huang
    from Clarkesworld
  • The CRISPR Cookbook: A Guide to Biohacking Your Own Abortion in a Post-Roe World by MKRNYILGLD
    from Lightspeed
  • The Odyssey Problem by Chris Willrich
    from Clarkesworld
  • Pre-Simulation Consultation XF007867 by Kim Fu
    from Lesser Known Monsters of the 21st Century
  • The Difference Between Love and Time by Catherynne M. Valente
    from Someone in Time
  • Cumulative Ethical Guidelines by Malka Older
    from Bridge to Elsewhere