2024 Table of Contents

Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2024 contains the following stories.


  • The Ankle-Snatcher by Grady Hendrix
    from Creature Feature (Amazon Original Stories)
  • Bari and the Resurrection Flower by Hana Lee
    from Fantasy Magazine
  • The Blade and Bloodwright by Sloane Leong
    from Lightspeed
  • Bruised-Eye Dusk by Jonathan Louis Duckworth
    from Beneath Ceaseless Skies
  • Disassembling Light by Kel Coleman
    from Beneath Ceaseless Skies
  • Eye & Tooth by Rebecca Roanhorse
    from Out There Screaming edited by Jordan Peele & John Joseph Adams
  • How to Raise a Kraken in Your Bathtub by P. Djeli Clark
    from Uncanny
  • If Someone You Love Has Become a Vurdalak by Sam J. Miller
    from The Dark
  • John Hollowback and the Witch by Amal El-Mohtar
    from The Book of Witches edited by Jonathan Strahan
  • Resurrection Highway by A.R. Capetta
    from Sunday Morning Transport


  • Calypso’s Guest by Andrew Sean Greer
    from Amazon Original Stories
  • Emotional Resonance by V.M. Ayala
    from Escape Pod
  • Falling Bodies by Rebecca Roanhorse
    from The Far Reaches edited by John Joseph Adams (Amazon Original Stories)
  • Form 8774-D by Alex Irvine
    from Reactor
    The Four Last Things by Christopher Rowe
    from Asimov’s
  • How It Unfolds by James S.A. Corey
    from The Far Reaches edited by John Joseph Adams (Amazon Original Stories)
  • The Long Game by Ann Leckie
    from The Far Reaches edited by John Joseph Adams (Amazon Original Stories)
  • Once Upon a Time at the Oakmont by P.A. Cornell
    from Fantasy Magazine
  • Window Boy by Thomas Ha
    from Clarkesworld
  • Zeta-Epsilon by Isabel J. Kim
    from Clarkesworld