By Blood We Live

Vampires. They are the most elegant of monsters—ancient, seductive, doomed, deadly. They lurk in the shadows, at your window, in your dreams. They are beautiful as anything you’ve ever seen, but their flesh is cold as the grave, and their lips taste of blood. From Dracula to Twilight, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to True Blood, many have fallen under their spell. Now acclaimed editor John Joseph Adams brings you 33 of the most haunting vampire stories of the past three decades, from some of today’s most renowned authors of fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

Charming gentlemen with the manners of a prior age. Savage killing machines who surge screaming from hidden vaults. Cute little girls frozen forever in slender bodies. Long-buried loved ones who scratch at the door, begging to be let in. Nowhere is safe, not mist-shrouded Transylvania or the Italian Riviera or even a sleepy town in Maine. This is a hidden world, an eternal world, where nothing is forbidden…as long as you’re willing to pay the price. By Blood We Live is 245,000 words of the best in vampire fiction. Thirsty? By Blood We Live will satisfy your darkest cravings…

Praise for By Blood We Live

The reigning king of the anthology world is John Joseph Adams. […] [By Blood We Live is] yet another masterful—dare I say perfect—anthology.

—Paul Goat Allen, Barnes & Noble

More than anything, this anthology demonstrates that the vampire is not only undead but mutable, and in the best writers’ hands, a tool for analyzing our mortal frailty and resilience in the teeth of unadulterated evil and unimaginable love.


All of the stories in the anthology have something to recommend them. […] Night Shade Books and John Joseph Adams created another winner with this anthology of vampires. It is one not to miss.

—Apex Magazine

As he’s done on Wastelands and The Living Dead, John Joseph Adams has given readers another definitive anthology.

—SFF World

One of the best [vampire anthologies] I’ve seen.

—Innsmouth Free Press