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Stories Eligible for the Nebula Award

Nebula Awards season is upon us. Current Nebula rules dictate that during the annual nomination period (November 15th thru February 15th), eligible members of SFWA can nominate works for the Nebula. The six works that receive the highest number of nominations during the nomination period in each category will be placed on the final ballot. Due to changes in Nebula rules, for this year’s Nebula Awards, works published from July 1, 2008 thru December 31, 2009 are eligible during the current nomination period.

My anthologies include several works that are currently eligible. All stories belong in the short story category unless otherwise noted. Linked stories are available online in their entirety. SFWA members can download the stories via the links provided (email me at johnjosephadams@gmail.com if you’re a SFWA member and have issues downloading the files).

Seeds of Change [SFWA members download]
Prime Books, August 2008

The Living Dead
Night Shade Books, September 2008

Federations [SFWA member download]
Prime Books, May 2009

  • Carthago Delenda Est by Genevieve Valentine
  • Life-Suspension by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
  • Terra-Exulta by S. L. Gilbow
  • Different Day by K. Tempest Bradford
  • Twilight of the Gods by John C. Wright (novelette)
  • Swanwatch by Yoon Ha Lee
  • Pardon Our Conquest by Alan Dean Foster
  • My She by Mary Rosenblum
  • The Culture Archivist by Jeremiah Tolbert
  • The Other Side of Jordan by Allen Steele
  • Like They Always Been Free by Georgina Li
  • Eskhara by Trent Hergenrader
  • The One with the Interstellar Group Consciousnesses by James Alan Gardner
  • Golubash, or Wine-Blood-War-Elegy by Catherynne M. Valente

By Blood We Live

The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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Anthologies are Like a Box of Chocolates, and Apparently, I’m Willy Wonka

Reviewer Paul Goat Allen seems to be my biggest fan. In his recent blog post for Barnes & Noble’s BN.com, “The Candy Man Can: Or Why John Joseph Adams is Genre Fiction’s Willy Wonka,” he said so many kind things about me and my anthologies you’d think he was on the Night Shade payroll.

Here’s a taste:

  • “The reigning king of the anthology world is John Joseph Adams.”
  • Every anthology this guy is associated with seems to turn to gold: and by gold I mean jaw-droppingly brilliant anthologies with no weak links that I’ll not only read again and again but treasure until the day I die.”
  • “[Wastelands] is arguably my favorite anthology of all time – just packed with speculative masterworks.”
  • The Living Dead was, simply put, the best collection of zombie fiction stories ever collected. … This anthology is, like Wastelands, one of my all-time favorite short story collections. Fans of zombie fiction shouldn’t just read this anthology – they should own it.”
  • By Blood We Live [is] a killer collection of simply stellar vampire stories that just floored me from beginning to end. … Yet another masterful – dare I say perfect – anthology.”

And as if that wasn’t cool enough for one day, Allen’s article also inspired some…fan art?

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Yet Another Way to Win Copies of My Books

In addition to the Tor.com Zombie Caption Contest, another way to win a copy of The Living Dead is to buy a Lottery ticket. In this context, the Lottery refers to a fundraiser to support the Shirley Jackson Awards. In this case, you’d also win a copy of Wastelands.

The lottery begins on February 9th, 2009 at midnight Eastern Time and ends on February 23rd, 2009 at midnight. Winners will be announced shortly after midnight on the award’s blog.

About the award (from the official website):

In recognition of the legacy of Shirley Jackson’s writing, and with permission of the author’s estate, the Shirley Jackson Awards have been established for outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic.

Shirley Jackson (1916-1965) wrote such classic novels as The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle, as well as one of the most famous short stories in the English language, “The Lottery.” Her work continues to be a major influence on writers of every kind of fiction, from the most traditional genre offerings to the most innovative literary work. National Book Critics Circle Award-winning novelist Jonathan Lethem has called Jackson “one of this century’s most luminous and strange American writers,” and multiple generations of authors would agree.

The Shirley Jackson Award will be voted upon by a jury of professional writers, editors, critics, and academics, with input from a Board of Advisors. The awards will be given for the best work published in the preceding calendar year in the following categories: Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Story, Single-Author Collection, and Edited Anthology.

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The Living Dead & Wastelands now available as e-books

By now most of you have probably heard about Night Shade Books’s partnership with Baen Books to distribute Night Shade titles as e-books via Baen’s WebScriptions store. Well, now there’s even more reason to rejoice: You can now buy e-book versions of The Living Dead* and Wastelands, for just $6.00 each.

* Please note that the e-book version of The Living Dead does not include the following stories: Dan Simmons, "This Year’s Class Picture," Sherman Alexie, "Ghost Dance," and Douglas E. Winter, "Less than Zombie."

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New Book Trailer + More Free Fiction!

Living Jacket Studios has just completed the book trailer for The Living Dead and has now released it into the wild. I’ve got it embedded over on the anthology’s site, but you can also view it on YouTube, which you should go do and tell all your friends about it. And what the heck, I’ll put it here too:



To celebrate the book trailer’s release, I’ve posted the latest (and last) batch of free fiction we’ll be featuring on the site. With these five new stories, that brings the grand total of free fiction on the site to 11 whole stories, plus 10 excerpts, not to mention all the interviews and other bonus content. But remember, even if you read all the ones here on the site, there’s still 23 other stories in the book you won’t find here, so you should go buy a copy for yourself, and maybe one for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Here are the new additions to the site:

In Beauty, Like the Night by Norman Partridge
HTML | PDF | Mobipocket

Malthusian’s Zombie by Jeffrey Ford
HTML | PDF | Mobipocket

Sparks Fly Upward by Lisa Morton
HTML | PDF | Mobipocket

Followed by Will McIntosh
HTML | PDF | Mobipocket

Passion Play by Nancy Holder
HTML | PDF | Mobipocket

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New Living Dead Reviews

A couple new reviews of The Living Dead:

SFF World: “To call this volume anything other than must have would be selling it short, the stories range a great number of years and capture many unique voices on one of the seminal images and iconic characters of Horror fiction and is something I know I’ll be pulling down every Halloween. This impressive, massive anthology would make a great gift to give by the light of the Jack o’ Lantern.”

SF Signal: “The zombie anthology for the new millennium.”

Fairfield Weekly: “A comprehensive collection on the subject and a joyful celebration of all things flesh-eating and re-animated.”

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