The following content from Dead Man’s Hand is (or will be shortly) available to read (or listen to) online:

  • Introduction—John Joseph Adams
  • Second Hand—Rajan Khanna
    • Text (via Lightspeed)
    • Audio (via Lightspeed)*
  • Bamboozled—Kelley Armstrong
    • Audio (via Far Fetched Fables)*
  • Red Dreams—Jonathan Maberry
  • The Red-Headed Dead—Joe R. Lansdale
  • The Golden Age—Walter Jon Williams
  • The Old Slow Man and His Gold Gun From Space—Ben H. Winters
    • Audio (via StarShipSofa)
  • La Madre Del Oro—Jeffrey Ford
  • Dead Man’s Hand—Christie Yant
    • Text (provided here courtesy of the author)

More Free Reads from the anthology may be added in the future. Stay tuned!

* The Brilliance Audio recordings from the DEAD MAN’S HAND audiobook were provided to the podcasts in question, so if you listen to the podcast episode, that will be a good indicator of the quality (narrator-wise at least!) of the rest of the anthology audiobook.

• • • •

There are also a few stories available online that are set in the same milieus as the stories in Dead Man’s Hand:

  • Card Sharp—Rajan Khanna
    • Text (via The Way of the Wizard)
    • Audio (via PodCastle)
  • Crossroads—Laura Anne Gilman
    • Text (via Fantasy Magazine)
    • Audio (via Fantasy Magazine)
  • Deadman’s Road—Joe R. Lansdale
    • Text (via Subterranean Online)
  • InCryptid short stories—Seanan McGuire
    • Text (via
  • Willful Weapon—Fred Van Lente
    • Text (via Lightspeed, forthcoming 5/20)
    • Audio (via Lightspeed, forthcoming 5/20)