REVIEW: Tangent Online on Operation Arcana

Tangent Online reviews Operation Arcana:

Operation Arcana, introduced and edited by John Joseph Adams, presents sixteen military fantasy stories. A few of these tales haunted me. Many of them entertained me. And all of them presented solid work. […] One of the best features here is the range of political outlooks on war. Another laudable thing is the inclusion of a couple of stories either told from the non-American side of a particular conflict or overtly critical of the United States. Such inclusion is an act of literary and political bravery. A third strength is the range of sub-genres: from steampunk to an homage to Tolkien to an updating of Peter Pan to golem stories. This is a very worthwhile anthology, with something for every fan of military and fantasy stories.

They go onto review each story in some detail as well. [read the review]

REVIEW: “[The] stories are surprisingly deep.”

Fangs for the Fantasy reviews OPERATION ARCANA: “[The] stories are surprisingly deep with either very original settings or fascinating conflicts. […] On the whole, I was pleasantly surprised by the anthology. There’s far more depth in these military settings than mere conflict and a whole lot of nuance more than once.”