Reviews: Fantasy Magazine & Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

The reviews keep rolling in. Today, I discovered two more new reviews of Wastelands. The first, over at Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review, gives the book a nine out of ten rating. Here’s a snippet:

It’s [the] diverse mix of reactions that make the collection a gripping read. […] Wastelands is well worth a look. [whole review]

The other is by Paula Guran at Fantasy Magazine. Here’s a snippet:

If you are looking for a perky, uplifting read, you’d best avoid Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse. But if you are interested in a wide variety of end-of-the-world fiction, you shouldn’t miss it. […] [S]cience fiction should stimulate, start arguments, and incite discussion. Adams has done his job well. [whole review]

Also, I was pleased to discover in my Google Alerts folder this morning that the Missoula Public Library appears to have a copy of Wastelands. Go Missoula!