I just got back from a live show featuring co-headliners
Killswitch Engage and In Flames, with As I Lay Dying as opening act.  When
I saw that Killswitch Engage was coming to town, I was excited, but when I saw
that In frickin’ Flames was co-headlining, I absolutely had to go.  They’re
two of my favorite bands, playing the same show!  Plus, In Flames is from
Sweden, so they don’t get over to the States all that often, and I made a
promise to myself that if they did come here, I’d go see them.  So going to
this concert was a no-brainer, even if Lord Slushaloth had to go solo. 

The show was in New York City, at the Roseland Ballroom,
which is on 52nd St., between 8th Ave. and Broadway.  Never been there
before, but I would gladly go again.  It was a nice venue. 

Inside, it was pretty much your standard fare for a metal
concert: lots of black apparel, (often in sizes 3, 4, or 5 XL), and much of it
featuring skulls; there was a lot of long hair and shaved heads; many varieties
of facial hair and facial piercings and eye makeup; a lot of pasty white skin. 
And then there were the babes.  Even though I’ve seen it before, I’m always
surprised at how many babes are at these metal concerts.  Where do these
hotties who like metal hang out?  I’ve never met one.  (Hell, it’s
been quite a while since I met a woman who likes metal, regardless of

So, as I said, As I Lay Dying was the opening act. 
They were just okay, I thought.  They performed their one song I like,
"Forever," so that was cool, but hearing them live just reminded me why I
couldn’t get into their album: I can’t understand a friggin’ word the lead
singer says.  He’s like a dog barking most of the time (but on "Forever"
you can hear most of the vocals).  The band is certainly talented
musically, though; maybe they should just ditch the singer or tell him to adopt
a new (or alter his current) vocal style.

In Flames was up next, and they were quite good. 
They gave a solid live performance, nothing to complain about, but while I
enjoyed it very much, it didn’t blow me away.  Didn’t quite live up to the
brilliance of their studio recordings.  However…

Killswitch closed the show, and man, did they bring it. 
They’re easily the best live act I’ve seen (in my somewhat limited experience). 
Just blew me away.  Their vocalist, Howard Jones, has some serious stage
presence.  And the band as a whole just sounded great live.  I can
definitely see a live album in their future.