Hollywood Buffoonery

I read today that “VAN HELSING writer-director Stephen Sommers and his producing partner Bob Ducsay have landed the rights to FLASH GORDON, and will adapt a feature film based on the iconic comic book superhero for Universal.”

I am so sick of the way Hollywood seems to grant “SF expert” status to any schmoe who makes a somewhat successful SFnal film, like this schmuck Sommers. The same thing has happened with I, Robot/Hardwired scriptor Jeff Vintar. Right after the first film comes out, you hear about all these other deals in the works about these guys being invovled with other SF projects. This wouldn’t be bad if the right people were invovled, but it always seems to be these guys who wouldn’t know real SF if it bit them on the ass. This case doesn’t bother me as much as some others I’ve seen — I could care less who is invovled with a Flash Gordon movie, as I’d have no interest in seeing it, but it just leaves me with this one terrible question: why? Why must we be subjected to this?

I’m also sick of all these remakes, but that’s a rant for another time.