Post-Vacation Rambling

So, I’m back from vacation, had a good time, was over too quickly, yada yada. There’s still a mountain of slush to wade through. Seeing it makes me thankful that we normally stay on top of it rather than let it pile up as some other magazines do. Seeing the huge pile waiting for you when you walk in the office is a definite buzz kill. I like a nice manageable pile that I can work my way through at my own pace without having to think about catching up.

Meanwhile, during my free time, I’m trying to plow through some freelance writing. Seems to me it’s a lot easier to hustle up the work than it is to actually sit down and write it. Actually, the whole reason I’m blogging right now is because I’m procrastinating. I’ve been doing a good job of that all weekend. Well, I was also hoping that writing of some kind might inspire me to do the writing I need to do.

Other news: Got an email from the Worldcon committee rejecting me as being worthy of panel participation. Oh well. I admit that there are plenty of people more qualified than me to talk about just about every subject I’m interested in… except audiobooks. There better not be a panel on audiobooks.