Noreason Four (Worldcon)

I’ve received some concerned emails lately regarding my attendance at this year’s Worldcon. Never fear, I’m still going despite the program coordinators having incurred my divine wrath. I’ve already paid for my membership, so I’m going unless some disaster strikes.

Since I’m panelless, I don’t know where I’ll be at any given time, but chances are, I’ll be spending some time in the dealer’s room at the F&SF table. I’ll also stop by some of the other tables I’m affiliated with, like Locus and Amazing Stories — I’m not sure who will be having a presence there.

If you want some sort of guide as to when you can find me: chances are, if Gordon is on a panel, I’ll be in the dealer’s room. See how that works?

I’ll post updates whenever new information is available. Does anyone know when the final program schedule will be available?