The Tolbert Cultural Index

Here are my responses to
The Tolbert
Cultural Index
.  My choices are bold; questions I abstained from
answering have been italicized.  Enjoy:

  1. USB 2.0 or Firewire
  2. The Smurfs or the Snorks
  3. Fraggle Rock or the Muppet Show
  4. Kerouac or Ginsberg
  5. Kansas or Boston
  6. Sally Mann or Diane Arbus
  7. Soul Coughing or Weezer
  8. Penny Arcade or PvP
  9. Orbital or Fatboy Slim
  10. Unreal Tournament or some WII crap
  11. BoingBoing or Metafilter
  12. Pirate or Ninja
  13. Beethoven or Bach
  14. Asimov’s or Analog
  15. Slacks or jeans
  16. Dandelions or carnations
  17. catfish or salmon
  18. Discordian or SubGenius
  19. D20 or GURPS
  20. BitTorrent or Kazaa
  21. Suicide Girls or Playboy
  22. Slashdot or Kuro5hin
  23. Tick animated or Tick live action
  24. Family Guy or King of the Hill
  25. Firefly or Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  26. highway or city (driving)
  27. Saturn or Kia
  28. Donnie Darko or The Matrix
  29. NTFS or FAT32
  30. drive-in theatre or cineplex
  31. Greek gods or Roman gods
  32. painful death by fire ants or 7th grade
  33. Warren Ellis or Grant Morrison
  34. Jugglers or clowns
  35. train or bus
  36. Movable Type or LiveJournal
  37. PHP or Perl
  38. School House Rocks or After School Special
  39. Transformers or Go-Bots
  40. Roger Zelazny or Neil Gaiman
  41. E.O. Wilson or Stephen Jay Gould
  42. Lake Monsters or Bigfoot
  43. Pajamas with feet or pajamas without feet
  44. The Iron Giant or Toy Story
  45. The Legend of Zelda or Super Mario Brothers
  46. saturday morning cartoons or after school cartoons
  47. VH1 or MTV
  48. BiPolar Disorder or Schitzophrenia
  49. credit unions or banks
  50. ecology or molecular biology