Has anyone seen the new issue of Chronicle (formerly Science Fiction Chronicle)? I’m not sure what the month on the issue is, but it’s got a picture of Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson on the cover (and an interview with them inside). Anyway, I was with Gordon at the post office on Friday when it arrived and he looked at it and said that Brian Herbert looks like John C. Reilly. Which wouldn’t necessarily be bad, but what he really looks like is the reanimated corpse of John C. Reilly. Really, it’s quite a ghastly photo, definitely worth checking out.

If anyone can find an image of it for me online, please post it as a comment so everyone can see it. I looked for it, but couldn’t find it (DNA’s Chronicle website has the current issue listed as December 2003). In other DNA news, Warren’s new KISS magazine showed up the other day too, in which at least half of the articles are written by one Warren Lapine. Seemed kind of odd to see a table of contents with so many articles written by the same person. But the magazine overall looks much better than most of the DNA magazines, in terms of its production values.

Here’s that cover image, courtesy of Jon Hansen.

If this cover had word balloons, they would read:

Brian Herbert: "Brains!"

Kevin J. Anderson: "I’m going to kick some ass with my
zombie friend!"