Hardboiled Horror

James Van Pelt tells me he’s editing an anthology for Notorious Press called Hardboiled Horror. Here’s a bit from the guidelines:

Stories submitted for this anthology should include elements from both Horror and Mystery/Crime. How you blend the two camps will be an important factor in story selection. For example, it is probably not enough if the protagonist stumbles into a situation and discovers that it is supernatural. That realization should come as a RESULT of specific detection – not accidental encounter. Stories can also start as Horror, then add the “detection” element. Protagonists can be mortal or not, as long as you are blending the styles. You may even submit tales that initially seem like they are destined to have a supernatural conclusion, but which are resolved in earthbound ways. Stories may certainly lean more heavily on one side or the other, but should include both genres.

Other details of note: submission window is June 15 to Sept. 30, and payment is “about $50 per story, maybe more for a novella and less for a short-short.”