Small Beer Press sale

Small Beer Press is having a sale!

It’s Yet Another Sale! Happens Once a Year. Ends December 24!

No, wait. Say someone gives you $$$ for Xmas or whatever and you (sensibly) want to Buy These Books! Ok. Now this sale runs until December 31st, 2007 and no later.

We Are Meeting Everyone Else’s Prices! Except Those People Who Live in the Middle of Nowhere and List Books for 1 penny. How Can They Do That? Anyway, There Are Tons of Deals! We Are Pretending We Are Crazy Used-Car Salesmen Shouting About Crazy Low Prices. (Our throats are getting sore.)

All Books Come with Meaningless 100,000-Mile Invisible Warranty! All Books Printed on Paper! Guaranteed to Be Printed with Ink! Guaranteed to Be Books!

Go buy some stuff. Lots of great things to choose from.