More free fiction

Jeremiah Tolbert, who has stories in both The Pirate Issue and in my forthcoming anthology Seeds of Change, just updated his bibliography on his website, and included links to all of his online fiction. Some good stuff there, go check it out.

  • "Spooning," Ideomancer, June, 2003. (read online)
  • "Storm Come’s A’Callin," Ideomancer, February, 2004. (read online)
  • "The Girl With the Sun in Her Head," Polyphony 4. (read online)
  • "Instead of a Loving Heart," All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories. (listen online)
  • "The Yeti Behind You" Fantasy Sampler, 2007. (read online)
  • "Captain Blood’s B00ty" Shimmer Magazine, 2007. (read online)
  • "Babe, I’m Going to Leave You" self-published, 2008. (read online)

Complete bibliography is here.