Dystopian Fiction Reprint Anthology

Now’s as good a time as any to announce that my next project for Night Shade Books will be a dystopian fiction reprint anthology called Brave New Worlds. Release date is currently unknown, but it will probably come out sometime in late 2010. Though that’s a long way away, I’m already working on putting it together, and I need your help. As I did with the Zombie Fiction Database, I’m soliciting recommendations of dystopian fiction for this new project. So if you have any recommendations, please visit my Dystopian Fiction Database and enter some of your favorite works that fit into that sub-genre. If you’d like to browse though the works that have already been entered into the database, you can do that here.

The web address for the database entry form is johnjosephadams.com/dystopian.htm, so if you’d like to spread the word, please use that URL. Meanwhile, the spreadsheet displaying the recommendations can be viewed at johnjosephadams.com/dystopian2.htm.

Any questions, let me know!