Vampire Reprint Anthology

Hot on the heels of my announcement that I’ll be editing a reprint anthology of dystopian fiction for Night Shade Books, I’m happy to announce that I’ll also be editing a reprint anthology of vampire fiction for them. It’s tentatively scheduled for publication in late 2009, so my deadline for recommendations would be around September 1, 2008, though the sooner the better. As with my previous reprint anthology projects, to assist me in assembling this volume, I’ve setup a database to solicit recommendations from readers and writers of vampire fiction.

I’ve got the entry form duplicated on a page here on my blog, but the homepage for the database can be found at, so if you’re going to spread word of the database (and please do!) please use that URL. Meanwhile, the spreadsheet displaying the recommendations can be viewed at

BTW, it doesn’t have a title or even a tentative title yet, so if you want to suggest one of those too, feel free!