Help: Email Forwarding

I’m hoping someone can answer a computer/email question I have that is puzzling me. I’ve been looking into the iPhone app, Readdle, because it will let me read RTF files on my iPhone. It doesn’t integrate with the iPhone, so I can’t just click on an RTF file and open it—but you can upload docs to the Readdle server and/or email attachments to a special email address and it will be added to Readdle. Since I’m reading electronic submissions for Federations, this should work great—I can just setup a Gmail filter to have all Federations submissions forwarded to my special Readdle email address. Easy, right? Sure, except it only works in theory. In practice, nothing gets forwarded to Readdle for some reason. Other filters like this that I’ve setup have worked fine (for instance, forwarding email from one account to another email account). However, I also tried forwarding email to Google Docs using this method and that doesn’t work either. In both cases, if I manually forward the email, it works—but I can’t get the auto-forwarding to work. Anyone know what gives?