New Anthology Sale & Anthology Update

I just signed the contracts and mailed them off, so I figure it’s safe to announce this now: I’ll be editing a wizards anthology for Prime Books, scheduled for publication in November 2010. It will be structured like Federations—half reprints, half originals. I’ll be doing an open reading period for the book at some point, which I’ll post about at a later time. So if you’ve been dying to write a wizard story, you can start brainstorming it now.

Since the wizards anthology will consist of originals and reprints, I’ve setup a database to solicit recommendations for the reprints. You can recommend a wizard story, or view the current entries. If you’d like to repost my call for recommendations, the database entry form is here: and the current entries are here:

As for my other projects… Federations should be in bookstores in May. I just turned in By Blood We Live (vampire reprint anthology) to Night Shade, and am currently putting the finishing touches on The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes mystery/fantasy reprint anthology). Both of those are due out later this year (August/September).

Next year, what I currently have lined up for release are The Living Dead 2 for Night Shade and this as-yet-unnamed wizards anthology* for Prime.

Farther down the line, with an unset release date is Brave New Worlds (dystopian reprint anthology) for Night Shade, and possibly a few other projects if the stars align properly.


* If anyone has title suggestions for the wizards book, feel free to offer them up. If someone throws something out there really great and I end up using it, I’ll give you a free copy of the book and praise you in the acknowledgments.