Locus reviews Federations

The May 2009 issue of Locus has two reviews of Federations.

The first, from Gardner Dozois, says: “[Federations is] filled with good solid stuff, and a few stories are a bit better than that.”  Gardner goes on to single out John C. Wright’s story, “Twilight of the Gods,” as the best story in the book.

The other review is from Rich Horton, who says: “Where the book shines is with the original stories, many of which are by quite new writers. … The mix—of  old and new stories, of newer and more established writers, and of tones and styles—is vigorous and impressive.” Horton also offers some nice commentary on a few of the stories, for instance, calling Jeremiah Tolbert’s “The Culture Archivist” “very fine” and saying that it “modulates from an almost Strossian romp to a serious examination of its central issue.”