Harlan Ellison Praises Lightspeed’s “Arvies” by Adam-Troy Castro

Legendary author Harlan Ellison recently read this week’s Lightspeed story—“Arvies” by Adam-Troy Castro—and posted this rave review on his website’s forum:

– Tuesday, August 17 2010 12:43:42


Remarkable. And in the purest intensity of the word: powerful.

You may quote me.

In any year in which “The Best” stories in this genre are selected, Adam’s “Arvies” would be a certainty for adulation.

I, in truth, read it three times, straight through.

This is a grand talent operating at top-point efficiency. Even to spend an evening with intelligent friends discusssing the underlying moralities and categorical imperatives of this deeply wrought story, is to spend an evening letting creativity lave your intellect.

I understand it will appear in LIGHTSPEED Magazine, of which I know not; but Adam-Troy should be in my wake here, somewhere, giving you the info where to get this special narrative.

Yr. Pal, Harlan

If you also know not of Lightspeed Magazine, the homepage is www.lightspeedmagazine.com, and you can find “Arvies” here.

Obviously, hearing that an author as influential and distinguished as Harlan Ellison loves a story you’ve published is an incredible honor and hugely flattering. But that the praise for this—shall we say…dangerous—story is coming from Harlan Ellison, editor of what is quite probably the most important anthology in the history of science fiction—Dangerous Visions—well, in that case, it goes quite a bit beyond that.