Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom

I’ve just gotten the go ahead to post the cover and cover copy of my forthcoming anthology Under the Moons of Mars:  New Adventures on Barsoom (formerly titled The New Adventures of John Carter of Mars).

Readers of all ages have read and loved Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars series since the first book, A Princess of Mars, was published in 1912. Fans have marveled at the adventures of John Carter, an Earthman who suddenly finds himself on a strange new world: Mars. Now, in time for the 100th anniversary of that seminal work and the release of a Disney feature film, comes an anthology of original stories featuring John Carter of Mars, in brand new adventures. Collected by veteran anthology editor John Joseph Adams, this anthology features a forward by Tamora Pierce, stories and original art from titans of literature and illustrations such as Peter S. Beagle, Garth Nix, Charles Vess, and many more, plus a glossary of Mars by Richard A. Lupoff.

Note: This book is not licensed or authorized by, or in any way affiliated with, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. or any other entity associated with the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate.

The anthology is to be published by Simon & Schuster for Young Readers in February 2012. It’s now available for pre-order.

And here’s the full table of contents:

  • Foreword by Tamora Pierce
  • Introduction by John Joseph Adams
  • The Metal Men of Mars by Joe R. Lansdale
    • Illustrated by Gregory Manchess
  • Three Deaths by David Barr Kirtley
    • Illustrated by Charles Vess
  • The Ape-Man of Mars by Peter S. Beagle
    • Illustrated by Jeremy Bastian
  • A Tinker of Warhoon by Tobias S. Buckell
    • Illustrated by Chrissie Zullo
  • Vengeance of Mars by Robin Wasserman
    • Illustrated  by Misako Rocks
  • Woola’s Song by Theodora Goss
    • Illlustrated by Joe Sutphin
  • The River Gods of Mars by Austin Grossman
    • Illustrated by Meinert Hansen
  • The Bronze Man of Mars by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
    • Illustrated by Tom Daly
  • A Game of Mars by Genevieve Valentine
    • Illustrated by Molly Crabapple
  • Sidekick of Mars by Garth Nix
    • Illustrated by Mike Cavallaro
  • The Ghost of the Superstition Mountains by Chris Claremont
    • Illustrated by John Picacio
  • The Jasoom Project by S. M. Stirling
    • Illustrated by Jeff Carlisle
  • Coming of Age in Barsoom by Catherynne M. Valente
    • Illustrated by Michael Wm. Kaluta
  • The Death Song of Dwar Guntha by Jonathan Maberry
    • Illustrated by Daren Bader
  • Appendix: A Barsoomian Gazetteer, or, Who’s Who and What’s What on Mars by Richard A. Lupoff