Codex Q&A: Where do you get the themes for your anthologies from?

In July 2013, I served as the “editor-in-residence” for the Codex Writing Group, which meant basically I was asking a month-long AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) interview. With Codex’s permission, I’m re-posting the Q&As here on my blog. The questions were all provided by members of Codex.


You’re editing across the genres in your magazines and your anthologies. Do you have a particular soft-spot for any of those? Or do your anthology themes hit you as our story ideas tend to hit us – out of the blue and with the speed of an out of control semi?

This is an unintended pun-laden statement, for which I apologize, but I guess I would have to say I have a soft spot for hard sf…mainly because it’s so hard to do well. It was my first love in sf, and as my taste has developed, it’s become progressively more difficult for me to find hard sf that I enjoy, but when I do that’s probably my favorite thing.

But my anthology themes do also sometimes come along out of the blue, as you say. Other times, it’ll be something brewing for a long time. Sometimes they come out of a joke that you say aloud and laugh about with friends, and then you think, Wait, that’s actually a good idea.




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