NEWS: PRESS START TO PLAY Panel at PAX Prime August 30!

If  you’re going to PAX Prime this year, please check out our panel:

PRESS START TO READ: Stories Based on the World of Games
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM | Cerberus Theatre | WSCC Level 3

Video games have always been driven by stories. Granted, some of the earliest stories weren’t terribly sophisticated, but each new generation of games bring us deeper, more complex narratives within our games and stories that unfold just like great works of literature. Join the editors and authors of PRESS START TO PLAY, an anthology of stories inspired by and based on games, for a discussion on the relationship between games, literature, and what authors and developers can learn from each other.

Participants: John Joseph Adams (M), Daniel H. Wilson, Cat Rambo*, Chris Avellone, Django Wexler, Chris Kluwe

Also, we have a signing afterward!

7:30 PM | Autographing Area | Westin Hotel

Participants: John Joseph Adams, Daniel H. Wilson, Chris Avellone, Django Wexler, Chris Kluwe


*Not actually a contributor to the anthology, but awesome nonetheless.

Press Start to Play