NEWS: Two Stories from WHAT THE #@&% IS THAT? Make the Preliminary Stoker Awards Ballot

Two stories from my anthology What the #@&% is That? (co-edited with Douglas Cohen)—“Only Unclench Your Hand” by Isabel Yap and “The Bad Hour” by Christopher Golden—made the Preliminary Stoker Awards ballot for best Short Fiction. A huge congrats to them both for the honor! You can find the full slate of what made the preliminary ballot at The final ballot will be announced February 23, and the the Stoker Awards themselves will be presented at StokerCon 2017, which is being held in Long Beach, CA, April 27-30.

To celebrate this fact, we’ve made both of the stories available for free to read online. Visit the anthology’s FREE READS page to see all of the material from the anthology we have available for free to read online.