2021 Table of Contents

Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2021 contains the following content.


  • Glass Bottle Dancer by Celeste Rita Baker
    from Lightspeed
  • The Long Walk by Kate Elliott
    from The Book of Dragons
  • The Cleaners by Ken Liu
    from Faraway
  • Tiger’s Feast by KT Bryski
    from Nightmare
  • Crawfather by Mel Kassel
    from F&SF
  • Two Truths and a Lie by Sarah Pinsker
    from Tor.com
  • Let’s Play Dead by Senaa Ahmad
    from The Paris Review
  • And This is How to Stay Alive by Shingai Njeri Kagunda
    from Fantasy
  • Our Language by Yohanca Delgado
    from A Public Space
  • The Rat by Yohanca Delgado
    from One Story


  • One Time, a Reluctant Traveler by A. T. Greenblatt
    from Clarkesworld
  • Skipping Stones in the Dark by Amman Sabet
    from F&SF
  • Brother Rifle by Daryl Gregory
    from Made to Order: Robots and Revolution
  • Schrodinger’s Catastrophe by Gene Doucette
    from Lightspeed
  • The Plague Doctors by Karen Lord
    from Take Us to a Better Place: Stories
  • Survival Guide by Karin Lowachee
    from Burn the Ashes (The Dystopia Triptych, Vol. 2)
  • The Pill by Meg Elison
    from Big Girl
  • The Beast Adjoins by Ted Kosmatka
    from Asimov’s
  • How to Pay Reparations: a Documentary by Tochi Onyebuchi
    from Future Tense
  • Beyond the Dragon’s Gate by Yoon Ha Lee
    from Tor.com